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What makes Kim Kardashian’s Instagram posts so eye-catching? Chances are it’s because of the jewelry she’s wearing. We can’t all have private jets and fancy cars, but jewelry is always a good investment. Here’s why.

Jewelry Is An Heirloom

Grandma’s jewelry box always had bracelets, rings and necklaces that stood the test of time. When you purchase high-quality jewelry, you’re not only making an investment in your own style, you’re also purchasing a piece that can be passed down to the next generation. Your jewelry gains value over time and will mean so much to your own children and grandchildren. These items hold more so much more than financial value: they also contain the memories that have enriched your life.

Jewelry Makes A Statement – Now And Tomorrow

We all sometimes make a spontaneous jewelry purchase, whether it’s for an outdoor concert or a friend’s wedding. Even if purchased on the spur of the moment, these pieces are a good investment both now and tomorrow. For example, an amethyst fashion ring set in rose gold on a sterling silver band might have a retro feel, but the style stands the test of time. When you look in your ring drawer fifteen years from now, you will still love how the piece looks on your hand. Mitchum Jewelers has a wide selection of fashion jewelry to cater to every taste.

Investment Jewelry Marks Milestones

Whether you’ve purchased a ring to commemorate an anniversary or a bracelet to celebrate your daughter’s graduation, the jewelry you choose can be an excellent investment in the individual and signifies your unique personal style.
When purchasing fine jewelry, there are several things you should keep in mind:
-The quality of the workmanship – what kind of details do you see in the piece’s construction?
-The materials used in the piece – jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones are always an important addition to any jewelry box, but so are pieces that are made from materials like platinum or gold. Because platinum is more difficult to work with than gold, it will typically cost more.
-The reputation of the brand – is it likely to retain or even gain market value over time?

Investment Jewelry Can Become A Signature Piece

If you have a friend who always wears the same earrings, or an aunt who’s known for her stacked bracelets, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time around what’s known as signature jewelry. These pieces are the ones no woman can live without, the ones that instantly upgrade her outfit and make it special. When you purchase investment jewelry, you can look for pieces that speak to you and will become a part of your own signature look.

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