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Road traffic accidents in the UK are a common occurrence, despite many safety measures being in place. Unforeseen accidents and events result in thousands of accidents each year on UK roads.

Have you been a victim of a road traffic accident? Should you make a claim for damages or personal injury suffered as a result?

In any traffic accident, damage or injury may occur; it may have happened fortuitously or due to the actions of the person driving the other vehicle.

Any claim for traffic accident compensation, in the case of injuries or damage to the vehicle, it should be made as quickly as possible, starting with the corresponding filing of a claim with the insurance company. But, you should also contact a specialised law firm regarding advice and assistance in making a claim.

If you believe you have a case for a road accident claim Gloucester legal firms can offer you specialist advice regarding compensation in relation to a traffic accident, when it was not your fault.

Determination of the damage related to the traffic accident

The determination of the damage is based on the principle of full reparation of the damages and losses caused. This is defined as, the damages and losses caused to people, based on the value of the loss suffered.

The importance of a specialist lawyer in claims for traffic accidents

Generally, if the victim has insurance, especially a policy offering full risk coverage, it is highly probable that legal assistance will be included in the coverage.

However, in many cases where the fault of the accident is disputed, or it is likely that the case will end up in court, it is essential to obtain expert legal advice to help present your claim for compensation as a result of personal injuries sustained as a result of a traffic accident.

Even if your insurance policy does not cover the cost of external legal assistance, you can still seek specialist legal advice from one of the many legal firms offering their services on a no win-no fee basis, in other words, if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay for their services, and legal representation.

And if your claim is successful, and you receive a compensation settlement payment from the other party, the legal firm will deduct a percentage of this for their services. Either way, you will not be faced with a huge legal bill which you are unable to pay.


To help arm your claim for compensation you will require certain evidence, such as photos of the accident scene, the police report, names and contact details of witnesses to the incident, etc. You should also make a detailed description of your recollection of the event, what happened, when, how, etc.

With this information your lawyer will be able to assess how likely it will be that your claim will be successful and advise you accordingly. You should seek the help of a lawyer experienced in personal injury claims, and specifically in relation to road traffic accidents.

There are legal firms which have a team of experts in personal injury such as traffic accident claims, workplace accident claims, hair damage claims and cosmetic injury claims, among others. Make sure they have a proven track record of winning similar cases to yours before hiring any legal assistance.

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