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A month ago in one of the first post I wrote in this blog, I spoke of the Food Conscious and quoted Hippocrates, the father of medicine, in his famous phrase:

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

Since then I have tried to keep in mind this phrase and I’ve been learning more about the effects on the body what we eat and how we eat and, even if no changes very abruptly, yes I realize habits I have been incorporated into a healthy diet that contributes to be a good part of my medicine .

It has been (or rather being) a process, not a sudden change, but the fact of learning,good information , it is what allows me to develop a critical eye and know what the healthiest habits are in my diet.

Since I tell you not follow them at all times (I confess weaknesses have muuuuuuuchas whims), but being informed makes me know when “I’m jumping me” and the effects this may have on my health.

So this year I’m going to stop looking the other way and I plan to emphasize food, taking into account these weaknesses and try to eat everything from an approach more aware :

healthy routines …

Food quality …

Caprichos aware …

If you are also in this, I leave some of the best recommendations we see TODAY Start Living More Natural to start taking control of food: 


  1. “Breakfast of king, prince and dinner food poor” is the healthiest method to organize your diet.
  2. You can always use whole grain products, raw or processed. Mainly organicand local or the same climate.
  3. Adapt powerto seasonal changes and personal needs. Listen intuition and messages that gives the body.
  4. Eat raw at least one third of the daily food.
  5. Back to home cooking. The best way to cook food is steamed vegetables if possible al dente (slightly overcooked). Preferably below 110 ° C.
  6. The grainsshould be part of the main course about 3-4 times a week. Healthier choices include brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa, mixed with vegetables and if you want a complete protein, with a handful of vegetables or raw nuts and / or algae.
  7. It is preferable to eliminate cow’s milkfrom the diet, you may be replaced by vegetable rice milk, soy, oats …
  8. Minimizing the consumption of salt and sugar, especially refined (many processed foods contain large amounts of salt or sugar, despite not being associated with taste- the commercial tomato sauce, for example, often contain an awful lot of notes sugar- the labels). You can spice up the dishes with spices and sweetened with syrup or stevia Agabe. It never with saccharin (aspartame) is a substance highly challenged by its relationship to various diseases (such as cancer).
  9. The fruitshould not be taken for dessert, because it complicates the digestive process, is best taken  between meals .
  10. If you must have a weakness, have it consciously: look healthier whims or prepare your own sweets with healthy recipes and always have a ready “emergency kit” for moments of anxiety (soon I’ll give you a healthy recipe Nutella, yeah yeah … SANA and NOCILLA  so preorder the Weekly Newsletter and do not miss it ).

These are just some general ideas, the ideal is that each person learns about the properties of different foods, the main needs of your body and the best way to enhance their health through what you eat.

What is clear is that whatever you do today to improve your health and your diet, however small, is a step for change , so start NOW !!!

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