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If you have been enlisted the job of planning the office party, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. The annual party may be a much anticipated yearly event, and who doesn’t have a story or two about such an occasion? Socializing with colleagues is a great way to enjoy team-building activities and connect with others, so what should you think about when planning?


If you have a large team, you must set a budget and stick to it. Catering for lots of people can be costly, so you must find out how much should be allocated to food, drink, decorations, and entertainment. Some employees are willing to chip in a small amount to cover some of the expenses but don’t expect too much as this might deter them from attending.


Decide whether you will bring outside caterers in or provide the food yourself. For stress-free catering, you could contact some local companies that offer food packages and discuss costs. Many caterers will offer a discount for large-scale events, so do some research on social media or Google to find out what’s on offer.

The cheapest option for providing refreshments is to source them yourself. For large gatherings, you could set up a trade account with a local wholesale warehouse that offers products at a reduced price. For smaller events buying food from the local supermarket is the most cost-effective option. You can serve food buffet-style to allow freedom of choice.

It can be challenging to decide how much drink to buy for the party. Most people will enjoy a little tipple on the night, and some may enjoy a bit more; it is an office party after all! Buying boxed wine is cheaper than bottles, and you could source them from wholesalers. It’s good to have a backup option in case you run out of drink on the night. Head over to for a selection of red and white wine along with beer, champagne, and cider. You can get delivery any time of the day or night within 30 minutes of the order to any location in London.

You should also investigate the cost of plastic plates, cups, and cutlery to save on cleaning post-party.


Depending on the size of your office, the party doesn’t have to be confined to your workspace. Investigate the local area to find activities that would help teams work together or an event that most people would enjoy. You could try bowling, a great game that appeals to the competitive nature. Or for something less active, how about a comedy night?

It’s a good idea to create a questionnaire to circulate to the office to get ideas and recommendations. There is no point in organizing an event if people don’t like it and won’t turn up. Of course, you can’t please everyone all the time, but it’s useful for planning to get an idea of the general opinion.

If you opt for the party at your workplace, there are lots of innovative ways to transform the workspace into a hub of socializing and a space to relax. When choosing music, include a selection to appeal to different tastes and set up the music station ahead of time.

If the party is at Xmas time, you can find some great decorations that will transform your office into a Xmas extravaganza with fairy lights and ceiling decorations. Add a fancy dress option for light-hearted entertainment for all. With the right planning and a positive attitude, the office party should help you make valuable memories and strengthen work relationships.

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