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When it comes to worktops for your kitchen or bathroom, quartz has already proven to be a brilliant choice. Homeowners around the world are choosing to have quartz worktops for their great qualities and features, which include their non-porous quality, which means that they will not easily absorb any stains or spills. But even though a quartz worktop is durable, tough, and easy to maintain, this doesn’t mean that you no longer need to do your part. You still have to regularly clean and maintain it so it can retain its particular qualities for a longer time.

Dealing with spills

Although a quartz worktop is generally resistant to stains because of its non-porous quality, you should still make sure to wipe up stains as soon as possible. For this, all you need is a non-abrasive sponge or pad and a mixture of white vinegar, a gentle liquid cleaner, and water. Once the spill is wiped up, rinse it with water. To dry the surface, use a soft cloth or paper towels. Spills from materials like grease, paint, gum, and other materials which become harder when they dry should be gently scraped with a blunt – not sharp – scraper, preferably made from plastic.

Dealing with heat

Although a quartz worktop has many great qualities, it isn’t heat-resistant. That being said, you should never place any hot pans or skillets on your worktop. Always make use of pads and trivets. Be careful of the use of certain appliances which generate heat, such as crockpots or grills, and make sure your worktop is adequately protected when using these.

What you should remember with your quartz worktop

There may be certain spills or stains which can discolour your quartz worktop’s surface, so these should be wiped away immediately. These include stains from permanent inks and markers, certain chemicals, and certain dyes or solvents.

Your quartz worktop should not be exposed to any abrasive cleaning products and products with a high alkaline content. Additionally, avoid exposing your quartz worktop to any oxidizers and cleaners with high pH levels. In other words – stay away from harsh and strong chemicals altogether.

Furthermore, avoid exposing your quartz worktop to products such as bleach, paint removers, silver or gold cleaners, oven cleaners, and so on. Always use a soft sponge or pad and never a harsh or abrasive pad when cleaning your quartz worktop.

Remember that your quartz worktop, unlike other worktops like granite or marble, does not require sealing. You need not use any sealants on it, and, in fact, if you do, you are likely to make the surface look dull and ‘patchy’. As quartz worktops London specialists such as J.R. Stone would say, a quartz worktop is a wonderful investment – but if you want it to maintain its beautiful look and integrity, you should do your part as well.


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