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For those advocates of green living and an alternative lifestyle, the one thing that is increasingly evident is that pillaging the earth’s resources isn’t the only thing killing our planet. It has long been known that there is a finite supply of fossil fuels and that alternative energy sources are the only solution, but even that isn’t enough to protect life as we know it.

Now it’s time to pay serious attention to all the chemicals and pollutants we are adding into the equation,and that is why so many people are seriously pursuing a greener way of life or an alternative lifestyle. So then, what does this green lifestyle entail?

Waste Is a Huge Problem

With so much focus on conservation of energy in an attempt to preserve the limited resources Mother Earth still has to offer, few people actually take the time to look at just how many of these resources we are squandering. Did you know that in 2010, the latest data released from the USDA shows the United States wasted more than 133 billion pounds of food, which was equivalent to a loss of over $161 billion?

In an effort to live a sustainable lifestyle, don’t you think waste reduction should be at, or near, the top of the list? Think of all the hungry children that food could have fed and then think about how many homeless vets could have been housed with $161 billion. It’s a sad testimony to who we’ve become as a nation.

The News Isn’t All Bad Though

If the above information was all you saw, it would be a sad testimony of life in America. However, there are growing numbers of people seeking to remedy the situation and these are the people who are going beyond waste reduction. These are the families who have begun growing many of their own foods and vegetables and the very same people who seek natural cures and alternative medicines. One of the newest herbal remedies to gain attention by the media is Kratom, an herb closely resembling coffee and used in a number of ways.

You can buy Kratom supplements online from The Kratom Connection or you might choose the powdered form to add to teas or sprinkle on foods. This herb is one of the thousands that can help with everything from constipation to weight loss and is being touted as the miracle herb of the 21st century, although its use dates back many centuries in Southeast Asia.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Without digressing any further, it’s sufficient to say that a green lifestyle means that we should simplify and reduce. From the resources we consume to the waste we are creating, the time to alter our way of life is now. Many European countries are already producing much of their electricity from sustainable sources and are leading the world in an effort to grow organic foods while opting for alternative medicines.

A green way of life is more of a mindset than you might imagine and why you probably haven’t heard much about it. If you are serious about protecting this lovely planet we call home, it’s time to seek natural, sustainable alternatives (i.e. solar power and organic gardening) so that we aren’t part of the problem but rather an important part of the solution. Did you know that the future lies in your hands?

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