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Everyone knows that skip bins are extremely useful when it comes to disposing of large amounts of rubbish. This is especially true when people are clearing out their house during a renovation or they have finally got round to getting all that unwanted junk out of the loft. Skip bins in Joondalup are well suited to this purpose because they are robust and spacious, allowing people to dispose of a large amount of rubbish.

However, skips are much more versatile than some people would give them credit for. If readers are unsure of these other purposes, then they should finish this article right to the very bottom, because it contains lots of useful information.


Skips don’t just have to be used to dispose of rubbish from a renovation or to clear items from the attic. The skip can also be used to put recyclable goods in. These skips come with different compartments so that materials such as plastic, glass and paper can be easily sorted without getting mixed together. Visit for recycling skips.

The recyclable material can then be taken to the recycling plant and properly sorted. Once this journey has been completed, the skip can then be returned to outside the house so that people can load another batch of recyclable material if there is any left.

People should make sure to get into the routine of saving their recyclable material instead of throwing it mindlessly in the bin. Children in the family should be taught that they shouldn’t throw paper, glass and cardboard away and should instead place it in the recycling skip. This will reduce the amount of waste that a house produces through the amount of rubbish that is saved from being simply thrown away.

There are different sizes of recycling skip available, so people need to work out how much recycling they will be doing to order the correct size.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste including chemicals and asbestos need to be handled with care and disposed of properly. This means that a special kind of skip should be hired in order to get the job done. The asbestos and chemicals will need to be removed by a professional firm with protective clothing. They will be able to safely remove all traces of the harmful material and then place it in the skip before taking the whole lot away. People should not attempt to remove the dangerous material themselves because this could lead to health issues.

Garden Waste

People who are clearing their garden of heavy trees and other plants should consider hiring a skip in order to deal with the waste that is produced. Once the garden has been completely cleared then the waste products can be taken away to be composted and recycled. This will ensure that nothing in the garden is left to go to waste.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal can be loaded into a skip before being transferred to a junkyard.

Hopefully, this guide has successfully explained the alternative uses for a skip.

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