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Preserving the environment for future generations is often viewed as the responsibility of governments and large corporations. In most cases, we point fingers at these corporations and demand greener technologies and forget that part of the responsibility rests on our shoulders.

For instance, few people consider changing their driving habits to reduce their impact on the environment. But there are a few things everybody can do to reduce carbon emissions when driving. In this article, we’re going to give you a few eco-friendly driving tips every driver can incorporate into their routines.

Have Your Car Serviced Frequently

It is important to ensure that you follow a strict maintenance schedule and make sure that you get your car serviced by a mechanic whenever it is required by your car’s manufacturer. An engine that is functioning optimally reduces your fuel consumption. Also, make sure that the pressure in your car tyres is just the right amount.

It is interesting to note that when the pressure of your tyres is set to the right pressure, you can save up to four percent of your total fuel consumption. This means you save money, use less fuel and also emit less carbon into the environment.

Avoid Idling

Idling is when you leave your engine running even though your car is not moving. If you’re at a drive-through for instance and service is taking too long, it is best to switch off your engine. Just using this habit can save you a lot of fuel in the long run.

Try to switch off your engine if you are going to be waiting for more than 10 seconds. However, do not do that if you’re in heavy traffic since it is an offence.

You should take note of the number of times you leave your engine running even for one or two minutes. In a week, this could easily add up to an hour of idle time. Imagine the amount of fuel you could’ve saved during this period. Reducing idle time is one of the easiest and effective ways to reduce your car’s impact on the environment.

Drive with Fuel Consumption in Mind

There are a few common sense driving practices that can save you a great deal of fuel. For instance, if you are anticipating stopping your car maybe at a traffic light, start slowing down early and stop lightly. Understanding road signs can also help. Visit to take a free driving theory practice test and you will learn all about how to drive in a safe and steady manner.  You really would be amazed just how much fuel you can save by learning about eco-driving techniques.

Whatever you do, always make sure to avoid revving too much while driving. Keep your foot off the pedal as much as possible and learn how to use gears correctly if you’re using a manual vehicle.

The next time you go for a drive, look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you’re not part of the problem. Is your car producing too much smoke due to a faulty exhaust pipe that you’ve ignored fixing for two weeks? If you answer yes, then you are definitely part of the problem.

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