Mindful Eating – Think Tag

I draw much attention how today we have come to live with rheumatism, diabetes, allergies, cholesterol, migraines, hypertension, varicose veins, fibroids, polyps, cardiovascular disorders, autoimmune diseases … without much surprise anyone. On the other hand, concern for physical appearance and to keep the line, it leads many people to count every calorie they consume and undergo … Read more

Sorting Toward Oneself Out Origami Robot Unfolds Itself… Furthermore Strolls – Think Tag

It’s a genuine Transformer. A level lump of butterfly-formed plastic mysteriously overlays itself into the state of a four-legged robot – and after that, incredibly, strolls off utilizing its own particular force source. Manufactured by a group headed by micro robotics engineers Sam Felton and Robert Wood at Harvard University in Massachusetts, the robot gets … Read more

Planning An Office Party – Think Tag

If you have been enlisted the job of planning the office party, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. The annual party may be a much anticipated yearly event, and who doesn’t have a story or two about such an occasion? Socializing with colleagues is a great way to enjoy team-building activities and connect with others, … Read more

How Ecommerce CRM Software Brings Clarity to Online Retailers – Think Tag

Newer ecommerce CRM software gives online retailers are given more insights about their customers’ behavior. It is also sales channel specific. So whether you are looking for a Shopify solution, a BigCommerce solution or even OrderMotion CRM software, you have plenty of options to consider. Such software helps retailers better project and forecast seasonal sales, … Read more

Eco-Friendly Tips Every Driver Should Live By – Think Tag

Preserving the environment for future generations is often viewed as the responsibility of governments and large corporations. In most cases, we point fingers at these corporations and demand greener technologies and forget that part of the responsibility rests on our shoulders. For instance, few people consider changing their driving habits to reduce their impact on … Read more