How much will you spend on cars in retirement age? – Think Tag

How many cars will your retirement pot afford you? True Potential Investor, has produced the infographic below which outlines that, during retirement, the average UK woman expects to purchase just one car (totalling £14,203) compared with their male counterparts who expect to purchase two cars (amounting to £27,106). Findings have been collated via a retirement … Read more

Four Steps to Acquiring a Beautiful Paver – Think Tag

There are many applications for pavers in homes and commercial residences. Pavers can be used to create beautiful scenic sidewalks combined with beautiful backyards for a playground. Various hues and textures can allow an individual to have unlimited access to the possibilities of having complimenting and natural, beautiful surrounding. Pavers have a unique way of … Read more

USA vs Canada – Where Should You Go for an Adventure Holiday? – Think Tag

Do you crave adventure and want to make plans to explore somewhere new? For the outdoorsy holiday-goer, the USA regularly appears in lists of the most-visited countries each year, coming only second to France in 2015. However, neighbouring country Canada can stand shoulder to shoulder with America for those looking for adventure. We’ve handpicked some … Read more

Are We Staring at the Future of Computing: 5 Reasons Why Smart Glasses Will Change The Way We Use Technology – Think Tag

As tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft continue to bring new developments to the technological table, AR infused eyewear is just the beginning of the future of the digital landscape. With smart glasses transforming the way we interact with the world around us, it’s no surprise that tech experts are excited about an augmented … Read more