5 Reasons Why You’ll Sell More with Magento CRM Software – Think Tag

As one of the leading online shopping cart platforms, Magento is one of the oldest and most widely used today. Keeping up with the times, app makers have striven to make this an even more palpable shopping cart option by designing intuitive integrations like Magento CRM software that enable retailers to stay a step ahead with their marketing plans. But why are more of them turning to CRM versus any other app, and how is it helping them get more conversions?

Reason No. 1 – Knowing Your Customers Better: Getting to know your customers better is far easier when you have a CRM system supporting your efforts. Newer integrations for Magento import your customer’s sales, order, shipping and returns data to give you a fuller view into their habits and tendencies.


Reason No. 2 – Omni Channel Reporting: Knowing what’s going on with your Magento store is always comforting. But what about your other sales channels? What if you could compare all of your data across all of your sales channels? That’s another perk of the newer CRM systems, which integrate and import all of this data to help you make smarter marketing decisions.


Reason No. 3 – Shipping & Returns Integrations: What about processing shipments and returns. Usually this requires separate integrations. However, newer applications are now offering these as plugins or apps. This means that a solution can integrate a returns and shipping solution, which means that it’s possible to run your backend operations from a centralized and cloud-hosted hub.


Reason No. 4 – Calendar: Staying on top of your daily workload is incrementally important when running any online store. Many people are fond of the functionality of Google Calendar because it’s multifarious between applications and software programs. CRM is all about timing, customer relationships and getting more conversions. Naturally, you can expect a helpful integration like this with any good CRM program.


Reason No. 5 – Integrations: Last, but certainly not least, are integrations. Now you can find these as standalone ones for Magento, but they are not all something to write home about. But when you have a powerful CRM application that offers integrations, you can bet that these are premium apps that deliver a lot of functionality. Everything from accounting to, as mentioned above, shipping, returns, analytics, and so much more can be had, and can be centralized into one more useful hub.


Getting ahead of the pack with your online store requires a lot of hard work. So why make it harder than it has to be? The timeless saying, work harder, not smarter, easily applies here. Software is supposed to make our lives easier by automating tedious tasks and functions while helping to improve accuracy and reduce errors. In regard to CRM for Magneto, that’s exactly what you can expect to find. Just test any solution you are interested in first – most are offered via a complimentary trial – and you can find the one that suits your needs.

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