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Your engagement will be one of the most special moments of your life. After all, the ring on your finger will serve as a symbol of your life-long commitment to your partner. While you might be eager to start the wedding planning process, you must set time aside to enjoy the feeling of being engaged.

Before the wedding research begins, celebrate your upcoming nuptials with your partner and loved ones first. Read these four ways to make your engagement extra special.

1. Spend Quality Time Together

Many happy couples can experience much stress when planning a wedding. For this reason, you must spend quality time with your partner before you start researching venues, reaching out to vendors, and browsing wedding favors.

For the first few weeks after your engagement, go on dates with your spouse, plan romantic evenings, and take romantic strolls outdoors. It will allow you both to enjoy the engagement buzz before the stress and strain of wedding planning.

2. Plan a Fun Engagement Party

An engagement party will provide an opportunity to make your loved ones feel a part of your happy news. You can guarantee your friends and family will queue up at the party to hear about the proposal, which will add to the fun and excitement.

Also, it will provide a trial run for the wedding planning process. It will offer an insight into the steps you’ll need to take to find a venue, hire a caterer, organize entertainment, and pick the perfect outfit. You could even hire the same vendors for your wedding, and they might provide a discount for your repeat custom.

Don’t forget to add elements that will give your engagement party the wow factor, too. For instance, eventbartenders.com provides fantastic bar packages to improve service at your party. It will ensure you, your partner, and guests celebrate your engagement in style.

3. Book an Engagement Photoshoot

Mark your engagement by planning a romantic photoshoot. It is a great way to capture the love and joy you will both feel during this time, and you are bound to treasure the images forever.

You can even use the stunning photographs in your save-the-date invitations to impress your loved ones. Plus, you could use the professional photographs in your wedding décor to personalize your big day, as the snaps could feature on your favors or a romantic slideshow.

4. Plan an Engagement Dinner

If both your families have yet to meet, an engagement dinner will provide a fantastic opportunity to bring your nearest and dearest together. It will allow your closest relatives to toast your upcoming nuptials, and they can build a friendly rapport before your big day. So, you will not need to worry about any tension or awkward silences throughout your wedding.

As you can see, there are many ways you can celebrate your engagement with your partner and loved ones. The above ideas will ensure this happy time stands out in your mind throughout your married life.

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