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Even if you have stayed a long time in your current office, it does not mean you can’t search for a different location. In fact, you have to be continually assessing your office space so that you can decide whether or not to extend your contract. Perhaps, you will soon realise that looking for another office would be more cost effective for your business. Here are some other signs that will tell you it is time to find another spot.

  1. The rent has gone up. Your landlord might have told you that should you renew your contract, you might have to pay more for the monthly fees. Before agreeing to it, you need to take a look at other options first. Then, you will see if the fees are the same or there are cheaper but better options. After canvassing the other options and you think you are still getting your money’s worth in the old place, then perhaps you should stay. Otherwise, it is better to explore other options.
  2. The business is growing. You might have chosen your current office space before because there were only a few employees. If that number has gone up, then you might not have enough space for everyone. Instead of renting another office space, why don’t you just transfer to another office where all employees can fit? It would be much cheaper. It is also a way of preparing your business for further growth in the future.
  3. There are tons of issues. This is perhaps the biggest reason why you need to move. Your old office space might have suffered from tons of issues. This might include repair problems, health hazards and maintenance issues. If they are recurring and the landlord does not provide a good response, then you don’t have to sacrifice. As soon as your contract ends, you can leave. Better yet, check your contract again. You might have legal grounds for leaving sooner, especially if the health and safety of your employees is at stake.
  4. The location is no longer good. This is also a reason for leaving. The location might have been in what was a booming area and been attractive to clients. As time passes by, the area might have started to have fewer people. In this case, you need to leave. Look for better spots where your business can continue to shine. Visibility is the key. You don’t want to be left in the background forever.

If you have finally decided to leave, you might want to check out a serviced office Swindon offers. There are a lot of good offices to choose from in the area. You can get them at a rate that you can afford.


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