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Designing a leaflet or a flyer seems easy in theory. After all, it’s a simple sheet of paper so what could go wrong? It seems plenty could go wrong, if you look at some of the examples of flyers and leaflets you see all the time. Don’t fall into this trap. A leaflet can be one of your most powerful marketing tools, so long as it is well-designed and fit for purpose. Follow our top tips for creating the best leaflet or flyer for your business needs.

  1. Start With a Clear Vision

Every good flyer or leaflet starts with an effective brief. You need to know what you are doing before you start designing. You need to be clear about what the leaflet is meant to achieve. Leaflets may be created for a number of different purposes, from gallery openings to special menu offers, discount days, or new business openings. Think about why the leaflet is necessary. Think about where you are going to display or hand out your leaflets. Who will be your audience? Why will someone take notice of your leaflet and not someone else’s – what is your USP? When you answer all these questions you will pull together a creative brief that you can use to work from when you design the leaflet, or give it to the professional graphic designer to format the design before you send it to printing services.

  1. Create a Stunning First Impression

People have a lot to look at nowadays, in “real life” and on the internet. You need to start designing your leaflet with a brilliant first impression in mind to attract attention within a few seconds. You basically need something to make people keep your leaflet or read it rather than immediately throw it in the bin. Think carefully about your headline and your image.

  1. Great Design Makes a Difference

You have the idea behind why you need a leaflet, who your audience is, and a great headline and image. Now you need to pull them all together so that the end result is impactful. Use a professional designer if you are not confident about your design skills – it is a good investment.

  1. And Quality Flyer Printing is Essential

Use quality printing companies and you get a quality look. Lots of businesses try to get a cheaper outcome by using the cheapest printers they can find but this backfires. People are unlikely to look at a cheap flyer printed on low quality paper. And they instinctively feel that your product or service is not professional and therefore not to be trusted. You lose sales.

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